Research Tuesdays: A Writer, I am Not

You know how some people write for pleasure?  They keep journals, and write short stories or novels or poems for fun? They participate in NaNoWriMo for kicks?  Yeah, I know those people, and I love them.  My NaNoWriMo folks, keep up the good fight!  But I am not one of those people.  Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, and it makes me super nervous.

One of the things I want to do most here is my research posts. I think it is really important to understand why different medical professionals recommend different courses of care. Academic, peer-reviewed study is a big piece of understanding why we structure medical care the way we do. It is also the best way to factually understand why and how we should change things to consistently provide better care.

I have high academic standards for information, and I know that there is a lot of skewed information out there, even in smart places like academic journals. I am not a writer by trade, and I’m still in school, and still steep on my learning curve.

I am getting a little stuck because I am so worried I’m going to get something wrong. As is the nature in any field, I am bound to be wrong eventually. Anything I say here needs to be verified. Please, check out my sources, and check out people who disagree with what I say. Please check with your medical professional. Keep in mind I am a student. I am not a midwife yet, and as a reader of this site, you’ll be the first to know when I am!

This is not so much a legal disclaimer as an ethical one. I wholeheartedly trust the resources I use. I will never publish anything if I’m not prepared to stand behind it. I want to keep this site as a portfolio of trust-worthy, backed up information so that people can trust me and the information I present.

But I am a perfectionist at heart, and lately I’m brought to an anxious halt by the idea that I might someday let you down. I write to the best of my abilities, with the best, most rigorous research I can find.

I love to learn more, so please feel free to send me studies, articles, and information, especially if you find it in opposition to what I write here.

Research Tuesdays will be back next week.