Plus-size Pregnancy Fashion

Lots of people have written about where to find plus size maternity clothes.  Where to find it, when to buy it, and how to work it into your budget.  I’m not one to reinvent the wheel, so here are some excellent articles from people with firsthand experience that cover the spectrum of plus size maternity clothes information:

Body Positive Maternity Clothing Advice by Alice at Offbeat Families

Overall great advice and awesome pictures.  Great shopping information and information on how to modify what you already own.  Not specifically a plus-size article, but I didn’t see anything that was bad advice for fat folks.

The Masterlist Plus-Size Maternity Resource FAQ by Kmom of Well-Rounded Mama

Take some time with this one.  It has great advice and the largest list of available retailers I’ve seen, including consignment.

Ample Mama

I came across Ample Mama, a company out of Canada offering plus size maternity clothes from 1x-3x.  They ship to Canada and the US, and seem to have a decent selection.

Plus Size Birth

Plus Size Birth has two great resources for plus size clothing information.  She has a great post about plus size maternity clothes, and a youtube video.

What was your experience with plus size maternity clothes?  Do you have a favorite store or trick?